Sunday, April 24, 2011

When to consider “Solutions on Demand”?

First, what is the “Solution on Demand”?  This is when you outsource specific business application to some external subject matter experts to manage it for you.

So this is what you do when you want to reduce both risks and the costs in a same time. While this may not be always long term answer – short term tactical benefits are the main appeal of going this route, especially now at a time of slowdown across IT sectors, the times of reduced budgets, and general uncertainty – while at a same time demands of new business applications continue to grow.

Another term for “Solution On Demand” is the term “Software-as-a-service” (SaaS), and a growing  number of organizations are investing in SaaS as the most mature form of cloud deployment. This deployment model is changing the way software services are consumed by the lines of business, spurring the use of business analytics and improving competitiveness. 
IT departments will discover that cloud deployments allow for a renewed focus on core competencies, reduced staffing and zero maintenance – all that while passing all the risks to expert hands.
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