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Goran Dragosavac is the Practice Lead for SAS Analytical Intelligence Solutions. Goran has a successful track record in deploying Analytical Intelligence across different industries and business applications in most companies in South Africa  including the work for government on various levels. 

Use the business intelligence to manage the fraud in your organization.
No organisation is able to keep all of its customers all the time, but when a company starts to experience annual attrition rates in the double digits, alarm bells start sounding as customer attrition can itself threaten the very existence of an organization.
“At the moment we are seeing a lot of companies grappling with the concept of marshalling their resources to raise capital and cut costs, but how many of them have turned to look at what their customers are thinking, how they are acting, and what they are buying?” says Goran Dragosavac, Practice Lead Analytics at SAS Institute.

Large volumes of text-based information are collected throughout organizations each day. SAS Text Miner is the first mining solution that tightly integrates text-based information with structured data to create complete views for improved analyses. This workshop session will show how intelligence from large text collections can be efficiently extracted using powerful and easy- to-use features of SAS Text Miner.

"Understanding that businesses have masses of data that they often don't manage correctly or utilise to its full value, we would like to introduce BAF as the tool to use to solve everyday business problems," says Goran Dragosavac, National Product Manager Analytical Intelligence at SAS Institute South Africa.
Goran Dragosavac, product manager: SAS Analytical Intelligence flew up from Cape Town to present on quality lifecycle analysis
“This event is an excellent opportunity for the mutual exchange of ideas and information regarding statistics,” says Goran Dragosavac, National Product Manager for Analytics at SAS SA. “Many of the academics at this event teach SAS at their institutions, and by sharing our knowledge we can help them ensure that what is
taught meets real world market needs. By the same token these academics often have innovative ideas and techniques that can benefit not only us at SAS but also those who apply analytics and statistics in business.”

Schubert will take delegates on a journey through what analytics can achieve within a business, and will also play host to local analytics guru Goran Dragosavac, the seminars promise to be both insightful and valuable for business leaders wishing to use the power of analytics to unlock the value of their company-wide data.
In this competitive world, companies can no longer rely on low prices, high quality and on-time delivery alone to keep them on top. While we were able to rely on these factors a decade ago, they are now just requirements to stay in the game.This will be the key message provided by Goran Dragosavac, national product manager of Analytical Intelligence at SAS Institute, when he presents at the inaugural Mining, Manufacturing and Process (MMP) conference.

Business Intelligence (BI), when implemented correctly, allows businesses to reap significant benefits and gain valuable insight into their organisations based on actionable data. But there is much more to BI than simply deploying technology. Organisations need a comprehensive, strategic approach to designing, implementing, managing, tracking and supporting BI initiatives, says Goran Dragosavac, practice lead for analytics at SAS Institute South Africa
Each of the speakers is a thought leader and innovator in his or her chosen field, and provided unique insights into the various aspects of statistics and analytics. This year saw more than 200 delegates from all over Southern Africa attending each of the three days of the event.

Our customers depend on the insight they get from SAS and are eager to have mobile access to up-to-the-minute company information. The growing numbers of tablet computers and smartphones are an ideal way to extend the power of SAS beyond the traditional office environment,
Business Analytics Framework is the evolution of the Enterprise Intelligence Platform. Now more than ever it is necessary to change the way we look at data and find out how, with such a vast increase in the amount of data, we can manage it better to enable faster and more intelligent decisions
How to extract intelligence from day-to-day operational data to create an Enterprise Wide Intelligence Platform that would help airlines lower operating costs, improve their customer service, provide market-leading competitiveness and increase profit margins and shareholder value. What are the cutting-edge technologies that would play a part in creating such a comprehensive intelligent management and decision-making system? How could it respond to current and future market demands?

Forecasting and Inventory Management
Developing a Competitive Edge with Efficient Demand Planning and Forecasting
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Text Mining workshop in collaboration with North-west University

The next frontier in business analytics drives benefits from business


The business challenge of customer attrition needs to be addressed as an organisational issue and not only as a boardroom issue.


While environmental destruction has become a global concern, organisations are increasingly pressurised to step up and defend the actions they are taking to promote sustainability.


Join the fight against the customer attrition.


We can manage it better to enable faster and more intelligent decisions..


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